About me

Olen klassinen pianisti, säveltäjä, pedagogi sekä urkuri. Asun Tuusulassa ja toimin pääasiassa eteläisessä Suomessa. Minulta on mahdollista tilata esiintymisiä, sävellyksiä ja sovituksia sekä pianonsoiton ja säveltämisen opetusta (myös etänä!)   

My vision is to bring high-level classical music close to people's everyday life and celebrations. I want to treat all customers warmly and individually. I experience the gift of music as a vocation given to me from above, and my task is to serve others with my skills. I make music with heart and professionalism.

My studies

I studied at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts in 2016-2022, graduating with a master's degree in music in the spring of 2022. I played the master's recital for the piano A-level exam in March 2022. During the Sibelius Academy, my piano teachers were Elisa Järvi, Antti Hotti, Irina Zahharenkova and Risto-Matti Marin. I played the B-level exam with organ in the spring of 2019 under the direction of Olli Porthan. I received individual composition lessons from Lauri Kilpiö for two school years in 2018-2020. In addition to the teachers at the Sibelius Academy, I have also received valuable lessons from various master classes, the most significant of which are Liisa Pohjola's piano courses at Pyynikin Pianopäivät, the courses of several foreign teachers at the Sibelius Academy (e.g. Geoffrey Burleson, David Breitman, HieYon Choi), Tuija Hakkila's fortepiano seminar and Heikki Pellisen's lied-courses at Iin Lauluviikot. I have received valuable advice for the future from all my teachers. I want to thank all my teachers!

Piano and organ

My piano repertoire is versatile and includes music from the Baroque to the 2020s. I am also constantly working on new repertoire. Piano music from the romantic era and contemporary music are my strengths.

As a lied pianist, I have given concerts with several singers. From love to lied music also says that my most significant composition is "Four Songs Written by Tommy Tabermann", which I premiered at my master's recital in March 2022.

In addition to solo and lied pianism, I especially enjoy improvising and free accompaniment. I am happy to create artistic and personal accompaniments, for example at weddings and other family celebrations.

As an organist, I enjoy both playing repertoire and improvising. I am happy to fulfill the wedding couple's wishes for their favorite music. I try to use the organ in a very versatile way, and my repertoire includes works from the Baroque to the contemporary.

Composing as a passion

"Would you like to make an arrangement for this record of ours?" I have heard this question many times already and it has made me enthusiastic about arranging and composing. I started composing independently by first making arrangements to songs I loved. I soon noticed that doing took me away and I wanted to learn and know more and more. During my studies at the Sibelius Academy, I received the best guidance for arranging and composing, first in music theory classes and later in private composing lessons. My passion is to make unique arrangements of songs and works that are important to people, for example for weddings and funerals. I also compose completely new works for hobby and pedagogical use for music enthusiasts, pedagogues and professionals.

Pedagogical love

I studied teacher's pedagogical studies at the Sibelius Academy (60 credits), so I am a qualified pedagogue. I qualified primarily as a piano teacher, but I also studied composing pedagogy directed by Minna Leinonen. So I teach both piano playing and composing. As a teacher, the most important thing for me is that I can meet the student as an individual and help him find his own personal relationship with music. I am happy to teach students of all levels, from beginners to advanced students. My experience working at music schools has given me valuable experience as a pedagogue.

My supporters

My working have been supported by the Sibelius Academy Foundation and the Martin Wegelius memorial -foundation. I played as a semi-finalist in the Tampere Piano Competition in September 2021 and received an award for the best performance of a commissioned work. I participated in the Spring 2022 Glory Piano Competition Online in New York (1st edition), which was based on videotapes. I received excellent feedback from the competition and second place in category VIII. I want to deeply thank everyone who supported and recognized my working. Without you, many things would not have been done. Thank you!

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