Price list

By scrolling down you will find prices for performances, compositions and arrangements and teaching. Feel free to get in touch with any other type of offer! 

All prices are always agreed before starting the work. Changes to the price will only occur if the customer wants to change or add something in the middle of the work, which substantially increases the number of working hours used. 

Invoicing mainly always takes place after the project. However, in longer teaching relationships, half of the invoice is already sent at the beginning of the teaching relationship.

The price includes travel expenses for a trip exceeding 50 kilometers and possible place rent.

Composition and arrangement orders as well as teaching include VAT 24 %


I perform as a pianist and organist by playing public concerts, home concerts, weddings, funerals, accompaniments at family parties as well as concerts and background music at corporate and other events.

Now is a good opportunity to take your corporate event or ceremony to a new level by ordering a wonderful set of classical piano music or background music!

As one of my specialties, I offer home concerts and family party performances, for which you can wish either solo piano music or, alternatively, a set of songs with my singing partner.

I have performed as a solo pianist, chamber pianist, lied pianist, accompanist and organist since 2013. With long experience and Finland's highest education in the music industry, I guarantee the most unforgettable concert experiences and parties. In addition to classical music, I also have experience and training in church music.  

The program for each performance is always negotiable when ordering. You can tell a guiding wish about the repertoire and I will suggest suitable pieces from my repertoire. Depending on the schedule, I also learn works outside my repertoire. So you better always be on time with your order!

Below is a price list of my most important performances. However, feel free to get in touch with any other type of performance offer!


  • Public solo concert 20-30 min: 259€
  • Public solo concert 50-60 min: 519€
  • Wedding or funeral: 249€
  • Music and accompaniments at a wedding celebration or
    at the memorial service: 499€

    The music includes all accompaniments and background music, as well as 1-3 more challenging solo or chamber music works.

  • Home concert or family party 20-30 min: 199€

    Music as one entirety or sprinkled throughout the party. The program is either solo piano music or a set of songs with my singing partner.

  • Background music 20-30 min: 149


Compositions and arrangements

I make compositions, arrangements and digital notations for the customer's needs.

All compositions and arrangements are customized as best as possible according to the customer's wishes. If necessary, I can also help in the search for performers needed for the arrangement.

I do transcriptions. Transcription means arrangement, where an existing composition is adapted to a new composition. For example, arranging an orchestra piece for organ or, say, arranging a piano piece for a string ensemble. 

I do music notations and sheet music digitizations. If you compose songs yourself by ear or by writing by hand, you can order the sheet music from me in digital format quite inexpensively.

I also like to make arrangements and compositions for pedagogical purposes. Music teacher, feel free to get in touch if you need new pedagogical material!

I have been composing and arranging since 2013. I have mostly received arrangement orders for weddings, funerals and records, among other things. With years of experience and especially the training I received at the Sibelius Academy, I guarantee a high-quality works.

I do all the compositions and arrangements in digital sheet music, which the customer will receive in her or his email by the agreed date.

You should be on time with your order especially if the performance date is already known.

The final price is determined after the first meeting or remote negotiation. When ordering more than two works, there is a quantity discount with order! 


  • Short arrangement, transcription or notation 49-299€

    A whole of about 30-50 bars. If necessary, includes one 30-60 minute (remote) meeting or message negotiation with the customer at the beginning of the process.

  • Long arrangement, transcription or notation 299-599€

    A whole of about 50 bars or longer. Includes two approximately 30-60 minute (remote) meetings or message negotiations with the customer at the beginning and middle stages of the process.

  • New composition 199-2499€

    Creating a completely new composition according to the customer's wishes. Includes 2-4 (remote) meetings with the customer during the process. For compositions requiring more than a month's work hours, remuneration recommendations of the Finnish Composers' Association are followed.


I teach classical piano and composing.

You can get private and duo lessons either in piano playing or composing, but also customized in both.

In private lessons you get individual lessons in piano playing and/or composing.

In duo lessons you can go with a friend or sibling, for example. Piano playing and/or composition duo lessons focus primarily on playing four-handed piano music or making a compositions together. However, duo lessons also include some individual teaching. The prices for duo lessons are the same as for individual lessons.

Each lesson is tailored to the student's wishes. For example, a student can use half of the 10×60 lessons for piano lessons and half for composition lessons. 

I got my first piano student during my studies at the Sibelius Academy in the fall of 2017, and since then I have actively taught piano playing in various music schools and privately.

I taught composition for the first time in the fall of 2020 in an internship related to my composition pedagogy studies and I really like it.

I have personally experienced how composing has supported my piano playing and broadened my musicianship. That's why I also want to offer my students the opportunity to combine the two.

Everyone is welcome to my teaching regardless of age and level! In my career as a teacher, I have had time to teach people of all ages and levels, from 6 years old to over 40 years old. 

Teaching takes place in Etelä Tuusula or at your home, if there is a good enough piano there.

Remote teaching is also possible especially in composition lessons. Piano lessons can also be done remotely, if the customer so wishes.

Finnish and English are my teaching languages.

Each 5- and 10-time teaching relationship includes a (remote) meeting lasting about 15-30 minutes, which maps the student's wishes in terms of lessons.

In the case of 5- and 10-time teaching contracts, the invoicing of the lessons takes place in two installments: half of the bill comes after the first held lesson and the rest of the bill after the last lesson. 

In the academic year 2022-2023, I work as a substitute piano teacher at Käpylä Music Institute (24.10.-30.4.). My working days there are from Monday to Thursday between 13:00 and 19:00. Hence teaching is best done on Fridays or Monday-Thursday before 12 noon. When Käpylä work ends on April 21, 2023, my calendar will free up and I can teach on any weekday. I only teach on weekends in exceptional cases.


  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 1×45 min: 58€
  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 1×60 min: 77€
  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 5×45 min: 255€
  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 5×60 min: 339€
  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 10×45 min: 499€
  • Piano lesson or composing lesson 10×60 min: 662€
Note! The prices are the same for both individual and duo lessons. Playing in duo lessons, however, focuses more on four-handed piano music or composing together.